What's Working? What's Not?

Swiping my phone calendar ahead to another new month always opens the door to a new chance to grow and improve.

Since you’re on this mailing list, you know that I have a personal theme for each month. I’ve been thinking for a week or so about what my theme for June will be and wasn’t getting any ‘right’ answer - until today.

It’s funny because the theme that kept lingering in the back of my mind last week was ‘intuition’, and working on specific ways to strengthen and crank up the volume on it. My favorite guiding angel, a woman based in LA who calls herself a ‘soul hacker’, hosted an Intuition class in her Magical Yurt in her backyard garden a couple of weeks ago that I joined. The experience was amazing, and I’ll sum it up by saying ‘if I told you what I experienced you would think I was on a super-charged drug trip’, except I was totally sober! (Also, she does psychic readings in person or via FaceTime and has the most developed abilities of anyone I’ve met to date. If you want her info to book a session you can email me and I’ll send you her booking info.)

So, because true intuition is never wrong and that’s what kept coming up every time I thought about how to weave my June theme, intuition it is! With a twist though, like a good martini 🍸 😉.

The twist is this: getting specific with what I ask my intuition to help with this time, summed up in one question: “what’s working for me, and what’s not?”.

But first, what exactly IS intuition? It is the highest part of your consciousness. Everybody has it. It’s not as mystical as psychic abilities, it’s simply the best version of you that already exists in your higher mind. The same way Michelangelo said, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and is the task of the sculptor to discover it. I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” Our human mission is to chip away the layers of stuff that cover our highest spiritual intuitive voice so we can set it free to hear it more often and more clearly, that’s all.

If you want to join me in this June's theme, here’s your assignment -

Without multi-tasking or distraction, sit quietly, take a few deep breaths to clear your mind and ask yourself:

  • What’s working and what’s not working in my life right now? (Your intuition knows more than your over-thinking analytical left-brain, so don’t create a story around what comes up; just listen to the answers.)

  • If the question seems overwhelming and you’re not sure where to begin, look at the 5 Life Zones and ask yourself where things are not in flow ( the 5 Life Zones are 1. work & career 2. creativity / passion projects / causes / hobbies 3. physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing 4. relationships 5. money matters)

  • Pick one or two (or more, if you’re an ambitious type-A) that you are going to change starting today

  • Dial up the intuition volume even more with this quick mindfulness exercise: sit quietly with your focus on only this, and ask your intuition ‘what do I need to do to fix what’s not working”?

What are you putting off that you know needs to happen? Maybe it’s as simple as a dental or medical appointment to investigate that nagging pain that you keep trying to ignore. Maybe it’s changing your eating habits to help your body have a little less inflammation and a little more vibrancy. Maybe it’s spending five minutes a day in a mindfulness practice to calm your mental chatter and reduce your chronic stress levels. Maybe it’s just plowing through your to-do list and cleaning out your closets to get rid of clutter. Whatever it is, you’ll know pretty quickly.

We’ve had many months to reflect on what was and was not working before the Great Reset of 2020. The universe knew we were self-destructing and saw that we had pushed bliss to the bottom our priority list below ‘scrub garage floors’. Take that new wisdom and awareness to check in with yourself often about what’s working and what’s not in your own life. This new world we’re building is going to push bliss way up the list and it starts with ourselves.

Here’s to your wellness and bliss,

xx Karen

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