I’m undergoing a bit of ‘internal construction’ and taking a pause to evaluate how and what I’m creating for you.

Like most of you, I have been experimenting with new ways to do the work I feel called to do while I get clearer on how to do it best in a completely new environment. 12 months ago I was teaching yoga for 6 huge national corporations through their employee wellness programs and had just been hired as full time GM of a private training gym. It’s hard to even believe that was all just 1 year ago! Since then I’ve been trying to re-route my wellness business and find the right direction for it. I’ve watched, learned and listened to what your needs are, and I’m hitting the ‘reset’ button, so I can give you what I think will help you the most during this time.

I have had 4 distinct periods in my life when things were hard - like really, really hard. Let’s call these my ‘Character Building Events’. They are, in order from hard to hardest: 1) my first divorce; 2) two miscarriages; 3) FBI raid and subsequent investigation of my then-husband’s business compounded by astronomical legal bills with a side of immediate-family member serious illness and another immediate-family member addiction; 4) divorce #2, following my 50th birthday and my breakthrough realization that I was unhappy.

During the dramatic and chaotic pain of Character Building Event #3, I became fully and wholly connected to yoga. As often as I could get to my yoga mat in a darkened yoga class, I was there. A place where I could justify disconnecting from my phone and the people who I was holding together every day. I know many women can relate to my feeling of being the ‘glue’ as wife and mother during times of crisis, and because Event #3 lasted for several years, it totally drained me. I allowed myself to become completely emotionally depleted, which I didn’t realize until I had drained the last drop.

When I was in the biggest phase of my breakthrough (“Breakdown? Breakthrough" - to quote Jerry Maguire), which was Character Building Event #4, I began lifting weights and became my strongest. Just like yoga was my savior during Event #3, strength training was my savior during Event #4.

My path, my purpose, is to help other people by sharing the things that have helped me and healed me. It’s why I became a yoga teacher and later, a fitness teacher too. I’ve been trying (again) to be ALL THINGS to ALL PEOPLE - a fitness trainer, a yoga teacher, a meditation guide, a friend, an inspiration. And as I learned the last time I tried to be all things to all people, it’s not really great for either me or you.

I am firmly committed to my alignment with both the Body and the Bliss parts of myself and my wellness brand. The real ‘heavy lifting’ is emotional, not physical. The physical strength is NOTHING without having the spiritual lessons and having your head on straight.

I want to share the more about the tools, inspiration and habits of resiliency that fed me during my challenges and life changes, and finding true joy, true bliss. More focus and information on the things that transformed the ‘inner me’, for when you need guidance on finding your way to the happiest version of you.

Yoga, fitness, meditation and other daily positive habits all have a big presence in my life. The amount of time and energy each one gets is fluid, but for now I’m going to dedicate more of my interaction with you to the things that have given me ‘mental fitness’ and peace. Meditation (probably not the same way you are used to experiencing it - stay tuned for more), everyday movement and stretches for a healthy body (based on yoga) and the things I do regularly to strengthen my spirit, fortitude and attitude. And in small measure, the occasional fitness share too.

I'll be back on Instagram and Facebook very soon and I hope you'll stay connected to me and find the new content even more valuable and helpful.

From my heart to yours,

Namaste -


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