I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a little more Soul Food.

I saw a great meme today that I shared on my Instagram story - "What's everyone wearing to the 1-year anniversary of 14 days to flatten the curve? Asking for a friend." Funny / not funny all at once... the Universe STILL has us in a holding pattern. What started as a 2 week stay-at-home order is now just 2 weeks shy of a full year. We've all ridden the emotional roller coaster of summarizing each day as something to be grateful for (when we have our health and a little less on our to-do list than we used to), or a day of loneliness, frustration and downright 'pissed-offedness'. Even the most even-tempered of us became subject to manic mood swings of pessimism vs. optimism. One of my biggest frustrations has been the loss of control (maybe you can relate?). The sudden loss of freedoms I took for granted and having to surrender to huge losses in my work, income, life, travel options, etc., - and desperately wanting (most of) it to go back to 'how it was'. It's time to regain control within the new framework of living with and during Covid. We have to search out our 'soul food' and remember to feed ourselves first and often. Here's my suggestion to you for MARCH SOUL FOOD: it came from a book I HIGHLY recommend if you have interest in meditation (or starting to meditate) is Stay Woke by Justin Michael Williams. Justin is a successful marketing wiz, yogi, singer and a smart, funny, gay, black young man with a ton of talent. I love his fresh approach to meditation, and although it doesn't exactly match with my thoughts / style of meditation it's closer for me than most of what's out there. Anyway - all of that aside, his book has a great exercise that is DEFINITELY worth doing. Write the Ultimate Vision for Your Life, based on the 5 'life zones': Work, Passions, Well-being, Relationships & Finances. Here are the instructions, copied from the book: “Pretend you could get into a time machine, travel twelve months into the future, and write your vision as if it had already happened. Think of your vision as a thank-you note to life, the universe, God, or whatever Higher Power you believe in for all of the incredible things that will transpire in your life. For example, “Thank you so much, universe, for _______". I always have a photo-collage vision board on the go, and I've done the future-tripping letter to myself before. But actually breaking down my life into these 5 zones and writing down the details of each part was a really fun and powerful experience. It gave me a lot of clarity about where to direct my energy and what things I had been putting a lot of myself into that actually weren't even part of my future vision for myself!! I was also surprised how quickly I finished the entire exercise - less than 15 mins. Once I started typing it all just poured out! Give it a try. My February theme for my life was 'progress', and I hit the nail on the head with making some great progress in a few of my 5 life zones. My March theme is 'build a better boat'. It's inspired by the song Better Boat, by Kenny Chesney. Whether you're a fan of country music or not, this is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard and I never get tired of it's message or soft acoustic notes.

So, I'm riding the waves I can't control and learning how to build a' better boat' as I go. One that will weather the storms of life until I reach those calm, clear, peaceful waters again. Becoming more resilient, less fearful of what may or may not happen and adjusting my sails so I can move in sync with the wind and the waves rather than against the resistance. I'm heading to Joshua Tree for a few days of solitude in early March and I'm excited about the chance to break out of my routine. I'm feeling Covid cabin-fever lately and really need a fresh view out of my window, something closer to nature where I can replenish (near mountains or water are my happy place). I've never been to Joshua Tree but over the past couple of months I've felt a definite 'pull' to go there, so I'm listening to what's calling me. Definite soul food!!

What's going to be your SOUL FOOD during March?

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