A Little Cocoon Time

January was ‘TIRED’ for me (umm, not a good monthly theme!). I didn't plan it that way, it's just how it turned out. I intentionally set a better theme for February, and it was ‘PROGRESS’ ! That meant improvements on who and what I gave my energy to, improvements to my daily routines that make me feel better, and getting clearer with my vision for my life so I give more focus to it every day.

My March theme is ‘building a better boat’. My 'boat' is made of my five 'life zones': work & career; creativity & passions; physical, emotional & spiritual well-being; relationships; and financial health. Life is going keep giving us storms to weather, but when we ride through those choppy waves in a better boat, we have the tools we need to be fine! Every storm runs out of rain eventually, and on the other side of it is calm, clear water. We can get back to easy sailing.

I am taking my March theme seriously and went to the desert alone for a couple of nights. It was time for me to pop into my cocoon so I could emerge with more clarity and energy. I know you’re probably thinking, ‘who needs MORE time in a self-imposed retreat after a year of quarantine?!’. While I have had a lot more time for self-reflection over the last year, I’ve also been living with the same faces, seeing the same views from the same windows every day, and living a groundhog-day routine for a bit too long. I needed a break from all that, and I named this week my RESET week. Kinda fitting isn’t it, since it falls on the year anniversary of the universal RESET we were all forced into?

The reset was a success for me. Here's something funny I realized: I talk to myself - A LOT (apparently just having the dog at home to listen is somehow less crazy-feeling, which is why I didn't realize I do it so much!). It's also the reason I'm able to successfully use my iPhone voice memo app as a 'free therapist'. I literally talk into my phone multiple times a day to work things out when I need clarity. Saying things out loud helps me get clearer on where I'm feeling blocked so I can narrow down what's causing me conflict or confusion and resolve it. It's like having a therapist or friend listening when you need to vent or process things, except the phone doesn't offer advice (spoiler alert, it doesn't need to - our intuition already knows the answers!). Second, anyone who sees you talking to your phone just thinks you're in a 2-way conversation so they don't think you're talking to yourself or just plain crazy.

Here's a true confession for you: I’ve been a half-assed meditator for a long time, UNTIL the past few months. If you’ve seen my recent posts on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube you know that I have combined it with a bit of ‘tapping’ technique because it just works better for me. Now it’s as much a part of my necessary morning routine as brushing my teeth, and it doesn’t take me much longer than about 5 minutes. The morning is when my mind is busiest. I wake up full of ideas & lists, and sometimes a huge wave of “how am I going to get all of this done today?!”. Combining my meditation with tapping is not a ‘typical’ way of meditating - it’s not silent or still. I sit, I tap, I talk it out, and in about 5 minutes I have a clear mantra emerge. As soon as that shows up I know I’ve gotten the clarity and direction I needed. It’s kind of like the universe saying to me “here’s your roadmap for today”.

I’m excited to keep working on things to help us all be better, do better and feel better and of course, all things that support us with both our body and our bliss. You can stay connected to me through my YouTube channel (please help me by subscribing if you haven't yet), Instagram and Facebook. As always, I’ll be in touch when I have more blissful things to share. xx, Karen

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