My Lucky 13

I did a really, really cool thing yesterday. I spent the day as a student and patient of Dr.’s John and Christina Amaral.

If the names are new to you, they are masters in energetic bodywork and healing. They work with high-performing professional athletes, musicians and actors from all over the world, and for 15 years Dr. John traveled with Tony Robbins. You can read more about his work in a short Q&A here:

John and Christina had their own chiropractic practice for many years with a specialized approach: in addition to traditional hands-on work, they worked with the energy field around the body to reorganize the vibration of the cells.

But back to my experience yesterday: first, I didn’t who John was a month ago. When I went to the desert on my ‘RESET’ trip I randomly pulled up an episode of ‘goop’ on my laptop. It’s not something I normally tune into and I still don’t know what drew me to pull it up (and specifically that episode) that night, but I was FASCINATED with what I watched. I went right to his website afterward to learn more about him and his work, and I have been digging deeper all month to peel back the layers of more information. I found that John was hosting a one-day immersive event in Malibu on 3.27.21 - the date I came across that info was 3.25. Could I really be in a room with this guy in just 2 days?? I emailed ‘for more info’ immediately, and got a quick reply that there was ONE available spot left, and if interested I could fill out the application and get it back to them that day for consideration.

Here’s where LUCKY 13 shows up in a universal twist of ‘woo-woo’:

  • the night before, I had a very vivid dream of traveling with someone who was my best friend in middle school in Canada. I dreamt we were going somewhere that had a flight connection that was delayed by 13 hours. I kept repeating in my dream “13 hours, 13 hours”. (Side note: she and I only stay in touch 3 or 4 times a year, but I texted her the next morning to tell her she’d been on my mind and her response was “I was actually going to text you last night.”)

  • At the Malibu session yesterday, Christina told me that she and her daughter (who manages the admin side of their business) were at a gas station when my email came in. Her daughter said “mom, I just got an email from someone who wants to come this weekend. I know we capped it at 12 people but I have a feeling we need to let her in and let her be #13”. Christina said she looked up at two vintage cars in front of her at the gas station, and the license plate on one read “Lucky 13”, and the other car had a graphic painted on it that said “One-Three”. She told her daughter “ok, the universe just said 13 it is!”. OH HEEYYY, CHILLS! So yeah, I was IN.

If you watched the ‘goop’ episode of John’s work you may have been simultaneously blown away and freaked out by what you witnessed (I was). People’s bodies moving and rippling. Some spasming and coughing, others gently sighing. It is an experience unique to what each body has stored as pain, trauma, or stress. It was a long, full day with John and Christina that began with education around the science and process behind it, and a few sessions on the tables, floor and seated.

My personal experience was one of feeling very open, very light, and seeing a lot of bright violet light behind and between my eyes, where the third-eye chakra energy center is. It was heavenly for me. Others had enormous breakthroughs and breaking downs, releasing a lot of stored pain and stress.

It reminded me again just how important our connection is to one another, because the energy we give off is what helps each other to heal. Being isolated and distanced for 12 months has taken a toll on everyone. When we heal ourselves we raise the frequency of our own energy field, and that vibration is what helps heal others. Not being near one another has taken away that access to each other’s energy. It’s what makes me miss teaching yoga inside a studio, because that collective energy that I feel when I’m in a container of people all moving and breathing in synchronicity feeds my soul. It’s why I preferred to teach classes without background music. Although students in the western culture like a little Justin Timberlake in the background, as a teacher what I wanted to create was that shared breath as the acoustic backdrop. Unfortunately studio classes without music weren’t as ‘popular’ so I conformed and most often had music playing.

I’m going to be doing a lot more study in this field of energetic bodywork and expand my work with it. I believe our world can benefit from more healing modalities right now and helping people to release their anxiety and pain and raise their vibration with an open heart is my mission. Finding out who you are under all the layers of “ew” we have all built up, lifting the veil on the best and highest version of yourself, and connecting to your own spiritual goodness is the path to bliss. And after all, my purpose is to guide you to connect to both your BODY and your BLISS.

xx, Karen

PS. I’m going to be looking for a lot more ‘lucky 13’s now too!

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