MY FEBRUARY THEME: PROGRESS. What my January theme was, looking back: TIRED.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Not exactly empowering or uplifting! Tired of a lot of situations, things, projects that have been draining me. Giving too much energy to them that wasn’t being matched in return. I’m out of BALANCE.

That realization led me to my February theme: PROGRESS! What I’m focusing on that will be my ‘soul food’ and bring me back into feeling balanced (sattva energy):

  • Read 30 mins a day

  • Listen to 10 mins of something inspiring or educational each day (podcast, etc)

  • Move 30 mins a day (minimum) - intentional focused movement (yoga, weight training, walking)

  • Maintaining my morning habit of 5 mins meditation & emotional tapping = coming up with my mantra for the day

  • Maintaining my morning habit of writing my ‘Joy’ list: 1 thing to be thankful for, 1 to release, 1 to focus on

  • Maintaining my nightly habit of writing my GOLD STARS down - what went great, what I accomplished, what fed my soul

  • Filtering and minimizing the news I watch & read (in January this was a big energy bleed for me)

  • Picking a lucky number and watching for the signs around it’s power for me this month (8 is my Feb number)

  • Go one week without wearing any BLACK. All I freaking wear lately is BLACK / GREY. It’s NOT GOOD for my mood! Color therapy is a scientific study that proves how color affects our moods, and every time I do laundry all the clothes in there ARE BLACK!

Looking for a little more Soul Food? Here's a 15 minute exercise to try:

1. Being clear about how you're doing emotionally/physically/ spiritually is the first step. Write down 5 words that describe how you feel right now.

2. Expand on the emotions you just listed for each of the 5 words you wrote. For example, if 'worried' is one of your current feelings write down exactly what you're worried about. If you wrote down 'loved', name the people or situations that have you feeling that love.

3. For anything that is draining you energetically: list any and all possible ideas for ways to limit, manage, change or repair the situation. Don't filter or overthink any possible answers - just get writing and see what shows up. Get focused on just one issue or problem at a time and let any ideas flow. Where have you been squeezing too tight that you can let go? Give it over to the Universe / God / Angels or whatever higher power / spiritual source you connect to. Where are you trying too hard, or maybe not hard enough? Where can you disengage, re-purpose, redesign or otherwise change your approach or involvement with it to change the energy around it?

4. Note any actions you have already taken to start to address those heavier, darker emotions. We get so wrapped up in low vibration energy and emotions sometimes that we don't give ourselves credit for progress we've made to repair it. What you focus on gets bigger, so move your focus over to your list of "what I've done to fix this so far" and give yourself a gold star for progress already made. For me, last week I was really worried about a particular situation I'm dealing with. I felt my heart racing and my breathing get rapid and anxious. I sat down and listed all of the things I have done to start turning the situation around, and I came up with NINE THINGS I have already done to change it this month! NINE! Instead of feeling a helpless lack of control, I felt proud, resourceful and a lot more in control than I had an hour before.

5. (THIS IS A BIGGIE:) List what you will become UNAVAILABLE FOR this month that has been draining you. Without creating other 'down emotions' like anger or resentment around it, what can you decide to simply be 'unavailable' for? For me, during January an overabundance of news and conversation about newsworthy events had a lot of my attention and emotion. I am significantly reducing the news I watch and read, starting now. I am opting out of any texts or conversations with those themes. What can you step away from, delegate, politely walk away from or become otherwise unavailable for that will protect your energy and give you space for more soul food? Keep this list with you in your phone, your journal, a post-it note, on your mirror written in dry erase marker or ANYWHERE you need to see it to be reminded of it.

I hope this spiritual assignment to feed yourself a little "Progress" soul food during February will bring you a noticeable shift toward more joy every day. Remember to feed yourself first.



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