Monday, January 27 A W A K E A.F.

Monday, January 27 228pm

Today is a weird day. It’s one of those days where there’s a heaviness in the air for everybody. I think even more than any of us expected to feel the loss of a legend like Kobe Bryant, we are reeling at the notion that as recognized, talented or rich someone is they can all be taken away from us in a second by the Universe / God / whatever higher power you subscribe to. Sometimes we begin questioning that higher power; trying to reconcile in our minds how could It / He / She let this happen?

We begin to wonder about the families and the people of the nine lost souls who are left behind and their pain and wondering how they will live a full life after this devastation. How someone can deal with this level of suffering with no viable explanation that would make it make sense. And if it happened to them could it happen to us?

Because we are all having our own experience of this event, it did happen to us. The biggest conversation coming out of this is about the importance of valuing every day; are you spending your time with people you love? People who inspire you and elevate you? What about your job - are you taking up the precious days of your life feeling inspired? Who gives you butterflies? What makes you feel a rush of energy in your body?

All too often life just happens. My journey has been about waking the fuck up.

You connect a few dots along the path of life that seem like good ideas of the time and boom!- next thing you know your stand staring blankly at the world around you. Things no longer look familiar and the trip you were on is certainly not your own. This realization can be a rough and rude awakening, and an extremely difficult moment, like you’re stuck at some lonely cross road waiting for the light to change.

Are you even interested in your own life? If not, it’s time to WAKE UP.

If there are parts of your life that are unfulfilled it’s time to do something about it with courage and with compassion and with the attitude that there’s nothing more important than living a life that’s fully lived. A life connected to feeling bliss.

The only thing we know for sure is we don’t know anything for sure.

And if you haven’t yet seen the documentary movie ‘Claire’ yet, do so. The story of Claire Wineland is inspiration to make every breath count, if this week's events haven't been enough.

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