First quarter of 2021 is in the books! March has been a whirlwind for me and when I reflect on all that has happened - WOW, I can hardly believe how much has shifted in my life in less than 30 days! My theme for March was building a ‘better boat’ to roll through the big waves and storms of life, and with the help of the Universe, I nailed it. A quick recap - as part of my Vision for 2021 I had written down that I was going to get my butt to Joshua Tree this year, which I’ve always been curious about (but honestly, didn’t even know exactly where it was!). I also made a goal of getting my professional photos updated by my fave Los Angeles photographer, Patricia Peña, and just before the calendar turned to March, she posted on her IG that she was going to Joshua Tree in early March if anyone wanted to schedule a photo shoot up there. A 2-for-1 deal for me from the universe!
The photos turned out great but what you don’t see behind the scenes is the insane 50-75 mph wind gusts that day, and her husband throwing my ski jacket over me between shots because the wind was so bitterly cold and strong. You didn’t see us all crouching down to take cover with each strong gust to protect our eyes from all the blowing debris, or the time the wind literally threw me back into a tree. Luckily we have a good sense of humor and again, when nature throws you a storm, you just build a better boat to ride it out. Taking a trip to the desert to do the photo shoot also gave me a much-needed solo trip to the desert. I needed a RESET mentally and emotionally. I booked myself into an Airbnb for a couple of nights and regrouped. The universe has a funny way of timing things. I reached a financial goal that was nearly 3 years in the works, and it finally came together during my ‘reset’ desert escape. That day I saw 5 different rainbows - FIVE - in less than 90 minutes. It was like the universe was dropping little pots of gold all around me!
That trip is also where I randomly watched an episode of ‘goop lab’ on my laptop. I discovered Dr. John Amaral, a chiropractor and energy practitioner who is kind of “the bomb" in the world of energetic healing. Just 17 DAYS later I was fully immersed in a small group session with him in a stunning home high up in the mountains in Malibu. If you read my last newsletter about my ‘Lucky 13’, you know what a ‘wink’ that was from the universe for me too, because the other people there had been waiting for over a year to get into this session. This kind of energetic healing work is the puzzle piece I’ve been waiting for; the missing ingredient in solidifying for me what direction I want to take my work to help and heal others.
I’ve been reminded just how much can happen in one month and am setting my April theme as MOMENTUM. The dictionary definition of it is “the driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events”.
I can’t emphasize enough what the power of having a clear vision and intention creates. It doesn’t mean we always get everything we want, nor on the schedule we want, but it does set things in motion to create our reality. With some help from the universe (as I call it - or your guiding lights / angels / God) and a resilient attitude we WILL keep moving forward. We WILL BE better than before.
If you have things you want in your life that haven’t arrived yet, write your vision. I have a vision for all 5 areas of my life (you can read my blog about that if you missed it) and a vision board full of pictures - which I already need to add to, because so many things have already been realized for me on it this year. I’m going to keep growing and expanding my vision and what I can create, because the universe is watching and listening. What will your theme be for April? xx, Karen
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