I meditate every morning for at least 5 minutes. Many people set up a specific spot or create an altar for their meditation practice. I’ve seen a lot online lately about ‘showing off your meditation altar’ on social media and I disconnect on this idea for two reasons: first, having an altar is not a necessity to being able to meditate and second, whatever space you connect with or create or decorate to get into the deepest part of yourself is sacred and does not need to be exploited for ‘likes’.

The size of my current apartment doesn’t give me the luxury of having an appealing or appropriate spot to set up a meditation altar. I have had specific places in my previous homes that I would use for meditation, where I could escape the dogs, light a candle and close the door on any noise distractions, but right now the only available space I could dedicate to it would bring back flashbacks from childhood of being ‘sent to the corner’ for punishment. When I misbehaved, which mostly meant arguing with my younger sister, my mom’s go-to for punishment was sending us kids to stand up straight facing into the corner of a hallway for a few minutes without any distractions (no ‘time out in our rooms where we could watch tv or have toys). Alone in the corner, we had to actually spend a couple of minutes thinking about the bad behavior that landed us there. Plus, my mom always said, ‘anywhere you go, there is a corner’, meaning the threat of potential punishment for misbehaving was everywhere we went!

Anyway, back to meditation. I don’t want to sit in a small, claustrophobic corner of the room. I don’t want to use my home yoga studio space because it is inside my garage which is not temperature or noise controlled, so depending on the weather and neighborhood activity it can have a lot of distractions of being hot, cold or loud. So, I prop myself up at the head of my bed in the morning, after I’ve sipped a hot coffee and taken my dog Baxter out for his first morning walk. For me my bed is one of my ‘happy places’ and sitting there with my fave soft throw and pillows makes it a perfect place for me to get still and unwind mentally also.

Today I had an “A-HA” moment. I was just getting into my meditation, maybe about 2 minutes in. Part of my practice is to let my thoughts flow and evolve until they organize organically into a mantra that suits what I need for the day. Just as today’s mantra was starting to take shape, my eyes popped wide open and landed squarely on a statue of a sitting Buddha I have sitting on the dresser opposite the bed.

Now I’ve had that statue for at least 10 years, but saw it in a completely different way today. It’s occupied many places in and around my homes over the years, usually an outdoor lounge area. I recently had it on my balcony for several months but a couple of weeks ago I cleaned it and brought it inside to sit on my bedroom dresser. We’ve had several wildfires in the area lately and it made me sad to see it sitting outside getting covered in ash again and again.

When I locked eyes on it this morning, the words for my mantra fell right out of my mouth: I have everything I need right here, in front of me. It’s not about having a dedicated altar, or a perfectly quiet environment to have a meditation habit; I already have everything I need. And it’s possible you do also.

I’m not saying we all have EVERYTHING we could possibly wish for or need; certainly this year has devastated a lot of people financially, emotionally and physically and there are things or help we could use a lot more of to feel whole again. But what if everything we need to climb back up is already right in front of us? What if the emotional peace you need (but haven’t quite found yet) is already within you, just waiting for the right key to unlock that door? Maybe it’s having the right friend or mentor or teacher. Maybe it’s a new book or podcast or program you overlooked before.

What if we already have all the resources, tools and support to transition our business to it’s next level?. Maybe you have an idea for a business and the things you need to make it happen are already in your reach, but you’ve overlooked them because they didn’t ‘exactly fit’ an early imaginary vision you had? Or you’ve been ‘too busy’ to spend time on creating it? What if you already have all the time you need to make it happen?

I have everything I need, right in front of me. I have the knowledge and tools to rise back up to higher vibration energy when I feel myself start to get low. I have the skills, support and resources to create some really cool things in my life. I have people who want to help me and see me succeed and I have people who want to teach me, and I have people who want to learn what I have to teach.

Take one minute now to try this quick exercise:

  • Think of ONE thing you have been wanting.

  • Ask yourself what’s in the way of you having it? What story or reason (excuse) are you making for why you can’t have it (yet / ever / etc.). The reason may be legit; but now -

  • Ask yourself to sit still and really consider what you DO have that could help bring it to you - material goods, people, resources? Who could make an introduction for you or teach you what you need to know to get it going? If everything you needed to make some version of it come to life, what would you be able to tap into RIGHT NOW, today, to start realizing it?

The power is within you to create it. Allow yourself to believe you already have everything you need to make it happen. Now get going.

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