Hocus Pocus or ancient wisdom? It's hard to say for sure if applying a little Feng Shui magic in your home will bring you the winning lottery numbers or not, but in the sam way we place our faith in anything we can’t see or touch, it’s keeping an open mind to try different things.

My May theme has been HARMONY and Feng Shui is all about creating harmony in our environment. As a former interior designer, I’m always paying attention to what’s going on in my home environment and how it FEELS to be in it; what’s the vibe I get here? You know when you walk into a room if you feel “wow this is feels GOOD, I want to hang out here a while” or if you feel “ew, how long do I have to stay here??”. I’m not an expert in Feng Shui but I do love that it’s based on balance using the elements of nature with the 8 areas life areas: abundance, recognition, love, health, joy (also creativity & children), knowledge, career, and travel.

Everything is energy, if you believe Einstein who you may know did a little research on this and came up with a couple of ‘relatively famous’ theories about it. Energy is everywhere, it's not just contained in what's happening beneath our skin or the satisfying little lightning bolt you see when your iPhone is getting juiced. It’s all around us in energy fields created by our vibrational frequencies and always moving through our environment. If you want to experiment with me now, you can apply some Feng Shui with your spring cleaning to see how aligning your home energy with your spiritual energy gives everything a little more octane.

I’m going to give you a few REALLY SIMPLE STARTER ways to dial up the good energy in your home that you can do TODAY:

1. It starts with a BAGUA map, which breaks out the zones of your home as they align to the energy forces in your life. There are lots of Bagua maps online but I like this one for it’s simplicity. You can print it and hang onto it for future reference too.

2. Next, pick two or three areas from this list below that jump out at you as feeling a bit stuck to work on for today. Don't worry about tackling your whole list at once! Make the top two or three your focus for now:

  1. abundance

  2. recognition

  3. love

  4. health

  5. joy (also creativity & children)

  6. knowledge

  7. career

  8. travel

Refer to the Bagua map, lining the bottom edge of it with your front door entrance, like the map is an overlay on top of your floorpan drawing. Notice what color is associated with the areas you want to improve flow; these colors are what will energetically attract better flow into these areas.

3. The fun part: add a bit of color from the map to those areas of your home. Notice what color is associated with the life blocks where you want to improve flow; those colors are what will attract energy there. Color can be brought in using natural elements like plants, flowers or crystals, or bigger pieces like art, furniture, pillows or ANYTHING else that makes you happy! Think about what brings you BLISS!

There is a lot more to this ancient science than these highlights but I want to give you just a few easy starting points to play with today. Get creative with ways to add natural elements like wood, water, fire (candles count), earth (like minerals, crystals, sand) and metal. Photo frames, salt lamps, fiery-colored flowers and artwork are all beautiful ways to add any missing pieces.

4. Finally, look at your WHOLE HOME and consider these guidelines:

  • Fresh air flow. Stagnant air equals stagnant energy. Open windows, turn on air purifiers and use plants to create the flow of fresh oxygen-rich air. Use smudge sticks like Sage or Palo Santo for purification once or twice a week.

  • Arrange furniture so you are seated facing the doorway and never sit with your back to the entrance. This is especially important for desks which represent career - never turn your back on prosperity!

  • Add the natural element of water which moves the flow of abundance and creativity. A tabletop fountain or a bubbling, misting essential oil diffuser are easy and pretty ways to add water.

  • Hallways with ‘dead end’ walls represent dead ends in your life too; add a mirror to any dead ends to reflect the energy back into the home and keep it moving around.

  • Remove BLOCKAGES: just like driving down the 405, stuff laying in your path creates a problem! Clean off clutter on your desk, countertops, and even INSIDE closets and drawers. The universe can’t bring new energy in where things are already full or overflowing with excessive old energy and ‘things’ that are taking up space but not being used or appreciated. Get on your Marie Kondo pants and only keep out the things that spark joy!

  • Lighting should be natural daylight as much as possible, and full spectrum bulbs in lamps and fixtures.

  • Notice where you may be allowing your abundance to be ‘leaking’ - in Feng Shui, an open toilet lid or a purse on the floor represent ways your prosperity can go right down the drain!

I would love to see any updates you make to beautify your home and amplify it's energy! Share in your comments below so I can see what fun you’re having with this, or if you share your updated decor on your Facebook or Instagram tag me @bodyandblissbykaren so I'm sure to see it too!

Here's to living in harmony!



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