One of my yoga clients recently asked me how I am staying motivated to keep working out, in a year where she (like many) has lost her motivation to do yoga at home. When I was still teaching in a studio, I used to like sitting in the front lobby with the front desk check-in staff so I could see our clients coming in, big smiles on their faces. They knew they were about to connect to their fellow students with hugs or high-fives, no outside distractions or responsibilities for the hour or so that they were going to be in class, and they were going to be guided, encouraged and inspired through their class by us teachers with playlists and class plans cued up.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to answer her question: how do I stay motivated?

The first obvious answer is that I’m interested in this lifestyle, which is why I became a teacher of movement and meditation 5 years ago. And I’m going to assume that you, since you are curious enough to read this, also have some interest in it.

But that doesn’t answer the question about how to fire up motivation when the Netflix & potato chips are calling. I’ve had students tell me more than once this year that they are sitting on the couch with snacks “watching Karen be a badass online” and feeling lazy 😂.

So if you want a better answer, ask a better question, right? Instead of HOW I stay motivated, let’s talk about WHY I still exercise regularly.


💙Better headspace (the happy hormones = dopamine / serotonin)

💙It’s something I have control of, in a year of everything feeling very out of control

💙Build energy, break a sweat

💙Release energy / frustration / negative emotions

💙Feel strong

💙Pass time

💙Feel productive

💙Reduce risk of disease; increased chance of healthy & longevity

💙Reduce chance of injury in everyday life

💙Sleep better

💙Look good naked

💙Because I live in a healthy body that CAN move, and some don’t have that ability

💙 Maintain healthy weight and body fat %

💙Connect to like-minded people who also enjoy it

I love moving my body. It makes me feel alive, accomplished, happy, creative. I can see the results of more muscle, strength, flexibility, balance, yoga poses. We humans were built to be active, not still. I love to teach and share and help someone else find the same inside of them that I found when I discovered fitness: the confidence, the mental and emotional peace, the strength and empowerment.

If you’ve lost your mojo, do a little digging. Sit down without distraction and write down WHY you used to, and WHY you will again. YOUR why is YOUR motivation, and it has to come from you. Once you know it, write it on your mirror in dry erase marker or put it on a post-it note on your fridge or journal it (or maybe all three).

Other things that help me stay on-track and excited to workout:

🔹buy new workout clothes or a new piece of equipment to try

🔹schedule it in my iPhone calendar for 9 AM

🔹plan to be dressed, hydrated and properly nourished an hour before

🔹plan what kind of workout I’m going to do the night before so I’m mentally prepared and have a plan or a class to follow along in mind already

🔹create a vision board of images that inspire you

🔹have a goal (for example hold a 1 minute plank) and a timeline attached to it

You have to show up for you, the same way you did when you went to your studio or gym. I’m here to guide you and coach you as best I can from a distance, through this website, my YouTube channel (Body & Bliss by Karen), Instagram workout ideas (@bodyandblissbykaren), Yoga in the Park in-person classes and some really great new things I’m working on that will be even more helpful for all of you.

Much love to all, Karen

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