Are you in HARMONY?

The definition of harmonious is “a pleasing and consistent whole”. For the new month of May my focus is going to be HARMONY.

Self-sabotage is an interesting thing, isn’t it? Saying yes when we want to say no, or saying no when we want to say yes. Giving effort and time to things we dread / dislike / feel crappy about and then become resentful. Knowing what things would make us feel better but NOT doing them, or worse yet - knowing what things leave us feeling ‘ew’ and doing them anyway! To be honest, I didn’t get quite as much momentum as I wanted to out of April (which was my theme for the month), but what I did get was a lot of clarity around areas of my life where I was self-sabotaging and what needed changing. In other words, where I was in disharmony.

One of those things for me was an inconsistency in my workouts: I had great intentions to do a lot of things but either got distracted, lazy, or gave myself a hall-pass to skip a day because I was doing so much reading and justified the extra time with my face in a book as ‘still productive!’. True that reading and learning is productive time, but it’s not helping me hit my physical goals for how I feel or look. My knee hurts, my hips are tighter than I’m used to, and I’ve gained a couple of pounds. Harmonious means ‘balanced’, and I was not as balanced as I would like to have been.

HARMONY, for the month of May, will be my guiding principle. May is also National Fitness month so it was a natural fit for me to create an easy-entry fitness challenge that anyone can do and that will build consistency in good daily practices for joint mobility, core strength & stability, and mindfulness practices. I mapped out this 3-facet challenge the other night (pink full super moon energy maybe?), and I uploaded 3 videos to my Instagram IGTV you can watch that give you full instruction if you want to do the challenge also. It starts Saturday, May 1, it’s free, and what I love about it is that it will only take about 20 minutes a day during the first week. By the end of the month it will still be doable in under 45 minutes so it’s easy to fit in with another workout in the same day if you want to keep your regular fitness routine. It’s just a blueprint for you to follow along if you’re needing a plan and system to get back into doing the things we all say we ‘should be doing’, like stretching, breathing and giving our 4 essential core muscle groups the attention they need to keep us healthy. (IGTV is accessed by going to my Instagram page, @bodyandblissbykaren, and clicking on the icon that looks like a small right-pointing arrow, the second one from the right, just above my post feed.)

There were a couple of other things that needed my attention during April for me to feel harmonious in keeping my beliefs and vision in-line with my actions. I’m sure we can ALLLLL think of a couple of things we do that go against what we ‘preach against’ or maybe even what we judge someone else for doing, while we haven’t exactly figured it all out ourselves yet. I am proud of the work I’ve done on myself once again to rise up above those things, handle them like a boss, and give myself a gold star for taking action to do better. We’re all just a work in progress, after all. If you’re unsure if or how you might be deliberately disrupting your success, here are a few ways people self-sabotage:

  • Overeating

  • Over drinking

  • Sleeping too much, or too little

  • Overspending

  • Ignoring signs from our body that are screaming for us to pay attention to it

  • Doing things for someone else that we should be saying ‘no’ to (or not doing things we should be saying yes to)

  • Dating someone we know is the wrong guy/girl for us

  • Leaving important things until the last minute, creating chaos for ourselves unnecessarily

There are obviously many more ways beyond this list, but if you get still for a moment and honest with yourself, you might be surprised what you become aware of about ways you are holding yourself back from succeeding.

Here’s to a month of blooming May flowers and HARMONY for all of us.

To a life full of bliss,

Karen xx

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