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MORE. There is more for you.


No yoga tights, no gym shoes for this one.


'More' is a personal and spiritual growth program that will give you the tools to understand yourself better, be able to attune to your inner wisdom and feel more connected to your centered, inner peace. Learn how to recognize and release harmful patterns, move yourself away from people and things that deplete your energy (without guilt!) and give to yourself first, through the innate wisdom already inside you.


When you get the 'inside' right, the other parts of your life begin to energetically shift, dramatically improving your relationships and emotional well-being.


This program is an immediate download so you can begin the assignments as soon as you purchase the program,  working through the exercises in each of the 4 modules at your own pace. 


This program is for you if you:

✔️feel like you’ve lost your mojo!

✔️want to feel more joy, more happiness and more bliss everyday and are ready to make a change to experience a radical improvement in your life

✔️have areas of your life where you feel stuck and want to get to what is blocking you

✔️are ready to become clearer on what you want and need to be your happiest

✔️want to wake up every day with more mental calm, peace and clarity

You do not have to stay frustrated and stuck; you are here to grow and feel inspired and experience bliss!

What you will receive:

✔️a 4-module self-paced digital course full of effective self-discovery assignments to awaken you to the negative energy in your life, uncover habits that are blocking you, and instructional workbooks and a bonus library of online teaching videos for each module

✔️journaling exercises to help reveal the things that may be holding you back and strategies to recognize and release them 

 ✔️new daily habits, done in 15 minutes or less daily, to keep you on-track with creating more connection to your worth, your gratitude and strengthening your intuitive voice 

 ✔️empowered confidence in being able to identify what situations or people are aligned with your 'best-self'

 ✔️tools to get clear on what you want for your future

✔️methods to help you hear and trust your intuition

✔️a guide to understanding chakra energies, with a bonus online private library of yoga poses for chakra balancing 

✔️powerful affirmations & mantras to support your growth

✔️membership in a private “Bliss Life” Facebook community