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What I Do

I am an energy worker, Reiki  practitioner, and teacher of yoga, fitness and meditation. I am the author of the book "Soul Fire: a guide for getting to know yourself and living your happiest life". My passion (and my purpose) is to teach you how to get switched-on mind, body and soul, and add more bliss to your life. You can learn about the magic of your emotional and physical strength like I did through the pursuit of personal growth, spiritual discovery, yoga, meditation and fitness.

What is Energy Work?

Energy wellness treatments use therapies to positively influence how we feel and function. If the body cannot utilize outside energy (sometimes called prana, chi or ki) it cannot continue to perform in a healthy manner, leaving it vulnerable to dysfunction and disease. By interacting with the human biofield (aka chakras and auras) we can unlock stored psychological or physical experiences that may be causing interference in the circulation of positive energy. Health is achieved by balancing the energy centers, creating an even flow of energy that is harmonious and clear. 

My work with the human energy field includes Reiki and Biofield Tuning. Reiki is a Japanese practice that channels universal life force through the hands of the practitioner, sometimes using light touch and sometimes by placing hands just above the physical body to aid the movement of energy.

Biofield Tuning uses the sound and vibration of tuning forks to assess disharmony in the energy field and bring it back ‘in tune’. Most people experience deep relaxation and bliss during a tuning session.

In the days following an energy work session it is normal to observe increased relaxation, notice less 'mental noise', or feel heightened emotions, depending on what overcharged or undercharged energies needed to be balanced prior to the session. 

Kundalini Yoga Lotus

What clients are saying:

"Thank you Karen - that felt like one of my most-mindful practices ever. The energy flowing between you and the group felt very connected... thank you."

 - Alice N.


"Reflecting on my day,... want to tell you that I'm grateful for you and the wonderful class you gave us this morning."

 - Holly S.


"I have been practicing yoga for 14 years; about 4-5 times a week.  During this time, I have been taught by multiple yoga instructors some good; some not so good.  About 3 years ago I had the pleasure of taking one of Karen’s classes.  I was immediately hooked.  Karen brings so much knowledge to each and every class.  Her instruction is like no other.  She not only guides you by telling you what to do; but she also tells you what not to do, and why.  Karen is well versed in fitness training which is a bonus for any yoga instructor . Her classes are well thought out, and she has a cute sense of humor which makes the classes even more fun and enjoyable.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone—from beginning to advanced.  You won’t be disappointed."

 - Nancy M.

"Karen's yoga classes are unlike any other.  Her many years of asana teaching comes through in each of her classes.  I love that she is educated in other modalities as well because she brings functional movement into the yoga class as well. I feel awesome after yoga with Karen! She is so knowledgeable and because she has education in so many other areas, I feel safe under her instruction.  Karen is amazing!"

 - Elena S.

"I just want to thank you again; I feel like you always give me exactly what I need. You made my day and gave me inspiration. I am making choices for how I spend my time and you are always a choice."

 -Lisa F. 

"Karen's level one yoga class was one of the very first classes I ever took. I attribute my love of yoga to her teaching style and wisdom. She has a great way of explaining and breaking down poses into a way that is easy to understand. Then she builds on that slowly as you get stronger to teach more advanced poses. She also has a beautiful way of bringing mindfulness and spirit into the practice. I have learned so much from Karen and know you will love her too."

 - Laura L.