This year we have all contemplated what things we really can't do without that make life just a little more blissful. Beyond just 'essential', there are some things that truly make home more comfortable which we all can use a little more of! In November of this year an explosive wildfire forced me to evacuate with less than one hour's notice, and I really had to think carefully about what things I wanted to take. Some of the things on this list were ones that made the cut; others are just great products that I really enjoy because they make life a little sweeter.

Click on the images to see all the details - remember, window shopping is free! A couple of items are in my shop here, the rest are available through or the brand's own websites.

 Here's to BLISS!

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Sephora Silicone Hair Bands

I have had long and extremely thick hair my whole life and tried 'em all in the hair bands, hair ties and hair pins market. The Sephora brand are by far the best of any hair elastics I've ever used, they're cheap, they're super stretchy but hold my hair tight in place and they never break.