This year we have all contemplated what things we really can't do without that make life just a little more blissful. Beyond just 'essential', there are some things that truly make home more comfortable which we all can use a little more of! In November of this year an explosive wildfire forced me to evacuate with less than one hour's notice, and I really had to think carefully about what things I wanted to take. Some of the things on this list were ones that made the cut; others are just great products that I really enjoy because they make life a little sweeter.

Click on the images to see all the details - remember, window shopping is free! A couple of items are in my shop here, the rest are available through or the brand's own websites.

 Here's to BLISS!

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Steripod Toothbrush Cover

I am super grossed-out by exposed toothbrushes. These use something called Thymol vapors to sterilize the bristles while they keep your toothbrush covered against airborne bacteria. Love these and wouldn't live without them.