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How I found my bliss...

I've had an interesting and diverse life. I've had my share of loss, pain, and adversity (maybe just like you), but I have learned that being able to connect to my soulful, spiritual self that life can still be full of bliss.

My formal training includes Reiki certification, Biofield Tuning instruction from Eileen McCusick's "Electric Health" methodology and energy healing techniques with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Through The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts I have completed studies in the science behind quantum healing, the energy of the human biofield, intuition, and hypnotherapy. Following the work of Dr. John Amaral, Cyndi Dale and Caroline Myss has inspired me to deepen my work in the fields of physical, spiritual and mental healing as we traverse unprecedented challenges. Prior to landing in the field of energy work I had many years experience working with human behavior as a human resources professional, and personal growth exploration through masters like Tony Robbins. I am also a professional yoga &  aerial yoga teacher.

Just before my 50th birthday I took a deep-dive into the physical, emotional and spiritual side of myself. Doing the hard things, working harder than I ever had, and finally asking tougher questions of myself than I ever had. It was time to get to know myself in a way I never had before.


I finally woke up. The best way I can describe it is that for the first time in my life, I finally felt ALIVE. 


I admitted to myself I had been a numb participant in my marriage for several years, overlooking things I shouldn't have overlooked and over-giving until I was energetically drained.  It was hard, all the honest emotions and pain and unraveling. From all of these experiences I wrote my first book, "Soul Fire: a guide for getting to know yourself and living your happiest life", which is now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook. 


I’m stronger than I’ve ever been now, emotionally and physically.  I am more connected to my spiritual side and my intuition than ever before, and I know my highest purpose is to share it with you.

Your bliss is waiting for you, just like mine was waiting for me. I'm honored to be your guide on this exploration.

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