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Who I Am

I am a teacher, here to guide you. To teach you about yoga, mental well-being and strength, and how to get to know yourself from the inside-out. Learn how to get and stay spiritually switched-on and add more bliss to your life.

My Story

I've had an interesting and diverse life. I've been married twice and raised one son. I've worked in Human Resources, retail management, the airline industry, interior design and yoga, dance and fitness. I've done a lot of study in human behavior, and spiritual and personal growth. I've had my share of loss, pain, and adversity but I've learned that being able to connect to compassion, forgiveness and my soulful, spiritual side that life can still be full of bliss. I've traveled to more than 30 countries and have lived in the cold Canadian prairies, the US northeast and the beaches of Southern California.

What Gets Me Out of Bed In

The Morning

I want to inspire you - to step on a yoga mat, to try meditation, to listen to your intuition, to put on your gym shoes and train your body to stay functional and strong, to live your life in a way that brings you joy. I want to inspire you to find ways to raise your vibration and find what brings you bliss everyday.


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