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What I Do

I am an energy worker, Reiki  practitioner, and teacher of yoga, fitness and meditation. I am the author of the book "Soul Fire: a guide for getting to know yourself and living your happiest life". My passion is to teach you how to get switched-on mind, body and soul, and add more bliss to your life. You can learn about the magic of your emotional and physical strength like I did through the pursuit of energy wellness, personal growth, spiritual discovery, yoga, meditation and fitness.

What is Energy Work?

Energy wellness treatments positively influence how we feel and function. If our body's energy centers are not in harmony, we are vulnerable to dysfunction and disease - mental and physical. By interacting with the human biofield (the field of electromagnetic energy in and around us) we can unlock stored psychological or physical experiences that may be causing interference in the circulation of positive energy. Health is achieved by creating an even flow of energy that is harmonious and clear. 

My work with the human energy field includes Reiki and Biofield Tuning. Reiki is a Japanese practice that channels universal life force through the hands of the therapist, sometimes using light touch and sometimes by placing hands just above the physical body to aid the movement of energy.

Biofield Tuning uses the sound and vibration of tuning forks to assess disharmony in the energy field and bring it back ‘in tune’. Most people experience deep relaxation and bliss during a tuning session.

In the days following an energy work session it is normal to observe increased relaxation, notice less 'mental noise', or feel heightened emotions, depending on what overcharged or undercharged energies needed to be balanced prior to the session.