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Me: "I feel lazy." Him: "Good, that's what they want you to do."

History in the making, that’s for sure. Weirdest time EVER.

I told my son today "I feel lazy". His answer was "good, that's what they want you to do". Truth.

This virus continues to take over the world, quite literally. This is beyond measure, the steps being taken and the financial losses we are all going to have for probably decades (years for sure). Nobody is working. All non-essential businesses must close and being together with other people outside of your home is now an illegal offense in California.

I’m handling all of this surprisingly well, for someone who likes to get out every day and who is completely unemployed with zero future prospects for who knows how long. I guess I’m still a bit floating on the cloud from vacation and just believing that this will work out, because it has to. Because I have angels. Because I’m focused and determined and not a victim, and I’m not about to be one now. I will figure it out, the pieces will fall into place where they need to, the right opportunities or chances will be where I need them to be and I will jump on them.

Nobody knows what the future (from one hour from now through a year from now) will look like. NOBODY. That’s unsettling. When our own lives are uncertain we can normally look around and say 'okay, I’m unsure what’s next for ME but the world around me will still be predictable’… but not anymore. Our parents, friends, advisors, even our community and world leaders are as confused as we are. Nothing at all is known about tomorrow. It’s the freakiest feeling that ALL of the world has been turned on it’s head. All of the things that seemed so important a few weeks ago…. none of it matters now at all, none of it.

We are about to find out what has become necessary versus unnecessary in our little worlds; hair color appointments, nail appointments, eating out, happy hour cocktails out, gym and yoga studio workouts, retail shopping. What will remain for now? Grocers, pharamcies, Costco. Gas stations and banks. Healthcare workers. Gardeners? Here in CA maybe, since they work in isolation. All of the services, luxuries, grooming, coffee shops…. How will this shift the future forever on those industries and businesses? Will we appreciate and use them more once we are allowed to resume, or will we realize how little we can be happy with and how self-sufficient we are without them? Will we all start cooking at home more forever? Will movie theaters be a thing of the past when we all get so comfortable watching new movie releases from our couch? Will we keep having more in-home happy hours instead of expensive nites out? Will we prefer to watch sports on tv instead of at the arenas? Who the hell knows. Some things will just never, ever be the same, and some of that will be for the better of society and industry and some for the worse. It’s completely unknown, even for the ‘experts’.

We have been vastly over-using antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs for too long in North America to remedy lives that are beyond what we can handle; the constant need to be busy, working hard, making more, buying more, being entertained more, on and on. At a certain point the pendulum has to swing the other way to repair this overstressed existence, and maybe this is the Universal way of making that happen. Slow down, stay here. Thank God I really like my son who is my roommate because he's funny and witty and bright, and we are about to spend more time together than we have since he was a preschooler (he's 24 now). If you don't like your roommate or family you live with I feel sorry for you... it's gonna be a rough ride.

I've now realized how burned out I was from nearly 2 years of the alarm clock going off at 445am. Sleeping until 6 am (or even close to 7 some days!) feels amazing for my body. I had become to used to my schedule, even defending how much I liked it when people would tell me I was crazy, that I did not recognize how much of a toll it had actually been taking on me all this time. That having the chance to sleep later was really what my body has been craving all along, even though I almost always naturally woke up a few minutes before the 445am alarm. Although it's financially distressing to be out of work, my physical health is benefiting. I'm going to be really excited to get back to teaching live classes in the same room as my yoga and fitness students but I'm also going to be more thoughtful about what I commit to with my schedule when I rebuild. I think we all are, where possible.

For now, time to read more, listen more, watch more, appreciate more (everything from a fresh air walk to each precious square of toilet paper), cook more, create more. If you're single like me, unfortunately dating more is off the table for now but maybe that needed a shake-up too for some. From my brief exposure to online dating app's, casual sex hookups have also been a little out-of-control and perhaps the meeting, flirting, dating and getting naked with each other needed to be taken a little less frivolously too. Giving your attention, time, body and heart to someone should be respected more than it has been since dating app's came into play (just my opinion), and maybe there will be renewed value for that too in our next chapter.

We finally got here where there is head space, room to breathe. We are going to have to figure out how we want to live our lives through this and after this. Here’s your opportunity, unlike anything ever before. Wide open spaces where we can fill in the blanks moving into the future. You’ve got this!! xx,



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