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Corona-versary week #3

It’s been 3 weeks since I went into isolation, following Governor Newsom’s recommendation. My experience thus far:

  • I have witnessed far more people GIVING than taking, like never before. Giving of their time, talent, skills, resources, smiles and kindness. Although there are many examples of self-preservation in the media (i.e. hoarding), I have personally experienced more positivity from humanity than negativity than I ever have before.

  • Artistry. I have seen so many people rediscover their creative talents of painting, piano playing, learning another language, writing, sewing, knitting, crocheting - things that use right-brain creative skills - that may have been buried for far too long.

  • I’ve been in the living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, basements & garages of music artists, yoga teachers, breath work teachers and fitness trainers whose classes or concerts I would not have otherwise been able to attend. Also I have learned that our skills definitely do not include film making / technology!

  • The amazing versatility of huge corporate organizations who have kept their resources available and fluid enough to accommodate a shift in what they manufacture to meet the needs of this catastrophic event is amazing to me. From LVMH manufacturing hand sanitizer instead of luxury fragrance to automotive manufacturers producing ventilators instead of vehicles.

  • I’ve never been more aware of my need to ‘spare a square’.

  • I now know what Tik Tok is.

  • Everyday is the perfect occasion to open the reserve wine or the reserve whiskey (or both).

  • I can eat a container of Talenti Gelato in 2 nights, no problem. Regularly.

  • You should never take a kiss, hug or handshake for granted, because you don’t know for sure when the next one will be.

  • Never take a pair of dumbbells or a container of Clorox wipes for granted again.

  • I’ve learned that I am not as good at cooking as I hoped I was. I have become a fucking master with leftovers though. Dining out will be appreciated EVEN MORE from now on.

  • We have now seen how we decorate, where we sit to watch tv, how clean our kitchen is today, how our dogs or cats run the house. And you know what? NONE OF IT MATTERS. Seeing the REAL lives is REAL LIFE, real people in their real homes doing everyday life - THAT’S connection. Seeing the real parts of each other without judgment.

  • I grew up in the very cold, snowy Great White North Canada and today I feel like all the years of wearing a scarf on my face has prepared me for something.

  • The ability to reconnect with people I thought I might not see again after leaving previous yoga studio jobs, the people who want to stay connected to the practice, to yoga & fitness and me has been so uplifting so amazing. I love every one of you and your commitment to yourself and your well-being and mostly I’m thankful that you want to stay connected to ME through all of this. What you give to me is immeasurable.

What else can I say… here’s to the CURE catching up to the disease, and to our health above all else. xx Karen


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